AGA new design jump starter A30 with a big torch!



Battery type: A Grade Lithium Polymer battery (Nano Tech)

Capacity: 12800mAh
Size: 230*87*87mm
Weight: 500g
Input: CC/CA 15V/1A, 5V/1A
Output: Car boost port12V
USB 5V/2.1A
Starting Current: 250A
Peak Current: 500A
Torch: 10W
Operating temperature range: -20℃~60℃



1.Battery Clip
2.Car Charger
3.Home Charger
4.Mobile Phone Adapter Cable


1. Electronic product                  Mobile Phone, PSP, MP3/MP4/MP5, Camera, PDA
2. Start Car (12V car battery) < 5.0L Gasoline  < 3.0L Diesel


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